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Arts and cultural organizations need a unique set of skills to build audiences. Nicole has a strong track record of establishing and maintaining lasting relationships with patrons through innovative marketing ideas and offering unparalleled customer service.

COVID-19 (coronavirus) has caused the industry to take a devastating intermission. When it's time to reopen, please contact Nicole about creating a welcome back plan for your patrons.


Full marketing plans for your season launch or next production

Brand development & strategy

Growth strategy and audience development plans

Research & data Analysis

Tessitura Analytics

Website development

Event planning

Post-campaign analysis



Full marketing plans: direct mail, email, social media, content marketing, PR, grassroots marketing, and website maintenance


Tickets & Patron Relations

Recommendations for user experience on/offline

Strategies that will make your patrons return with  friends

Managing expectations before the show

Loyalty programs

Group and subscription ticket program development

Using Tessitura to its fullest potential



Plans for creating a positive and engaging culture


Photo credit: Alvin Ailey Amerian Dance Theater in Revelations, by Nicole Wetzell

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